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Congrats to theMITH.com!

Congratulations to our client, the MITH himself, Chuck Mindenhall, for rolling out his new site—theMITH.com! The site launched this week along with the reincarnation of his popular MMA podcast—the “Man and the MITH” (with Shaheen Al-Shatti).

Chuck came to us looking to start his own site where he could archive his backlog of MMA and other sports writing. During the process, the project evolved to include the relaunch of the podcast and became place to host new material from “The Man in the Hat.” (Get it? The M.I.T.H.?)

We really enjoyed working with Chuck and were able to roll with his developing ideas to create the site he wanted. It turned out to be an excellent place to showcase solutions to his needs. Plus, it was great fun design the distinctive logos for the site and the podcast. We wish him all the success as we continue to support theMITH.com.

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