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New Year, New Look

Hello! Welcome to Loodon’s brand new, freshly redesigned website! The hardest thing for any designer to do is to design for themselves, but we finally carved out some time to do it. We hope you take a second to explore our offerings and please contact us if you have questions about what we can do […]

Design Trend: One Color Logo Design

Logo design is about who you are as a company, yes, but now it's become a roadmap for your customers. Simplifying to a one color logo design may give your app icon increased recognizability.


An important and often misunderstood aspect of a strong SEO plan for any website is backlinks. Backlinks are the powerful resource that connects different websites to each other in order to authenticate their knowledge...


While many different analytic tools exist to measure your business’ digital success, the standard is Google. Whether it’s using their analytics tools, considering your organic Google ranking, or using their paid Google...

Paid v. Organic Search

An important part of a digital advertising strategy is exploring paid vs organic rankings and analyzing the data. Great SEO strategies will naturally raise organic search engine rankings but depending on how...


With the world facing an unprecedented pandemic, it’s time to think about business differently than we ever have before. It’s apparent now more than ever that businesses can only remain relevant when they remain...

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